About Suzie and her Furry Friendz

Dog walking and pet sitting in Malden, Melrose and Medford.

Suzie's Furry Friendz was created by Suzie Sidell in 2006 as a labor of love. Having long been involved with pet shelters and charities - as well as an owner of a pug and a pekingnesse herself - Suzie wanted to create family-friendly company where work was play and everyone has fun! Begining with watching animals for friends and family - a nearby neighbor's dog, a relative's friend's cat or her close girlfriend's goldfish - she decided this was what she wanted to do as a job, a lifestyle and feeling of accomplishment. In 2011, her dream of seeing the smiling furry friendz and having the opportunity to give them care and love that they needed while their owners were at work or away on vacation was fulfilled!

Suzie Sidell

Originally from Indiana, bachelor degree in journalism, multiple certificates in hospital admin. and continuing education event seminars, Malden west end resident for 6 years, member of pettsitters international, insured, bonded, liscensed by the city of malden. Honest, responsible and reliable.